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NSAICM Executive Committee

The NSAICM Executive Committee meets approximately every 2 months, and is a “working” committee responsible for managing the training programme.   Some issues discussed arise from the Specialty Training Committee (STC), and some issues will go from this committee to the STC for further discussion.   This committee consists of the following people;

Head of School
Dr Gary Lear
Sunderland Royal Hospital

Training Programme Director – Trainees with Differing Needs / RCoA Regional Advisor
Dr Kathryn Bell
Royal Victoria Infirmary

Training Programme Director – Trainees CT1,2 & 3,  & Quality Lead
Dr Amir Rafi
University Hospital of North Durham

Training Programme Director – Intensive Care Medicine + ACCS EM/ MED/ANAES
Dr Suzy O’Neill
Freeman Hospital

Training Programme Director – Trainees ST3-4 & Quality Lead
Dr Stephen Robb
Sunderland Royal Hospital

Training Programme Director – Trainees ST5-6 & Advanced
Dr Chloe Fairbairns
James Cook University Hospital

Training Programme Director  – ARCP, E-portfolio Lead
Dr Chris Izod
Queen Elizabeth Hospital

NSAICM Trainee Representatives
Richard Bentley
Nick Francis

NSAICM Trainee Representative for LTFTs
Dick Burnham

Specialty Training Committee Chair – Intensive Care Medicine
Dr Rob Whittle
Northumbria Hospitals NHS Trust