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Recruitment to Anaesthetics for the Northern School of Anaesthesia (HENE)

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Recruitment and selection training

Recruitment and selection training


Recruitment takes place twice per year, as per the national timelines. There are approximately 24 posts available via ACCS (first year in emergency medicine and acute medicine, followed by 2 years in core anaesthesia) and 12 directly via core. Usually around 75% of these are recruited to for August start, and 25% for February.

The process follows national guidelines, with assessment centres usually taking place at St James Park football stadium in central Newcastle. There are favourable competition ratios, but all posts are usually filled. (A few of these may be via “clearing”)

For those trainees accepting an ACCS offer, the first year placements will be organised by the ACCS TPDs (Drs Shenfine and Maitra). Trainees entering directly to core training, together with those coming into ACCS CT2 from CT1, will be contacted by the core anaes TPD (David Mayne), and the ACCS TPD (Suzie O’Neill) and given a list of placement preferences for their first 12 months of anaesthesia and ICM. Personal choices, together with the ranking from interview will be used to determine hospital allocations.


Recruitment takes place twice per year, with a significant number of posts becoming available for February start. Following appointment, trainees will be given a choice of 2 year rotations to rank in order of preference. These rotations will be grouped either in the south of the region (Middlesborough, Darlington, Durham, Stockton, Sunderland) or in the north & west (Newcastle, Gateshead,Northumbria [Ashington, N.Tyneside,and Cramlington],  Carlisle, Sunderland).

Recently, competition ratios have been very favourable for applicants, with some posts not being filled

Information for Potential Interviewers

The Northern School has a good pool of trained assessors, but we are always keen to have new faces along. If you are interested, contact the school Administrator (Barbara Sladdin) or TPD for recruitment (David Mayne)