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Training Programme Directors

Training Programme Directors (TPD) are employed by Health Education North East (HEENE) to run the training programme.  They work closely with the Head of School.  Most are employed for the equivalent of one session per week.

There is a TPD responsible for each of the stages of training;




ACCS (anaes/ICM) who manages the ACCS CT2 year (anaesthetic trainees and trainees from emergency and acute medicine).

The TPD for ACCS CT1 is not part of the School of Anaesthesia.  The ACCS (anaes) trainees in their 2nd and 3rd years are managed jointly by the TPD for core training and the ACCS CT2 TPD.

There are also a TPD who has a specific role helping with trainees who have differing needs or who may not be progressing through the programme as planned.


Specific responsibilities include;

Day-to-day management of the rotation (full and part-time trainees)
Recruitment and Planning

They are also involved with supporting individual trainees, communicating with anaesthetic departments (including quality assurance of training), liaising with staff from the LET and HEENE, helping with appraisal and ARCP, management and running of courses, participation in national committees/events (eg College, National Recruitment).

Contact Details

Trainees with Differing Needs – Dr Kathryn Bell

Core TrainingDr Amir Rafi

Intermediate Training – Dr Stephen Robb

Intensive Care Medicine – Dr Suzy O’Neill

Higher & Advanced Training – Dr Chloe Fairbairns

ACCS EM/ MED/ANAES – Dr Suzy O’Neill

ARCP, E-portfolio Lead – Dr Chris Izod