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Post FRCA Fellowship Teaching

The NSAICM has Post FRCA Fellowship teaching for Specialist Trainees who have become Fellows of the Royal College of Anaesthetists.   These days are organised by Senior Trainees in conjunction with the NSAICM trainee committee, which provides an opportunity to gain evidence to support completion of management and educational competencies in advance modules and also for reference in applying for future consultant posts.

There are 5 teaching days held at various locations throughout the deanery.   Their aim is to provide Post-final FRCA trainees with teaching from clinical experts about key ‘core’ topics in the Higher/Advance syllabus, whilst also covering more unique areas of the curriculum, in which gaining experience in everyday practice may be more difficult.  

These training days also facilitate associating with other post-fellowship trainees- which is vital to building relationships and sharing ideas to successfully navigate the final stages of Anaesthetic training.

Whilst these sessions are formal, they are also sociable and are delivered with an acknowledgment of the senior nature of trainees in attendance.  These events are free to attend and trainees should be allocated to this automatically.  However, sometimes with lots going on in departments this can be accidentally overlooked.   An informal request with the rota-maker is always good as a reminder.