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A-line Course

Introductory Course for New Starter Trainees

Anaesthetic Learning in the North East run an Anaesthetic New Starter Courses for CT1/ACCS Anaesthetics /Acute Medicine/Emergency Medicine trainees.   The course will introduce you to anaesthetics and small group teaching covering most of the anaesthetic curriculum.

Trainees are expected to attend this course when you begin your training in anaesthetics.  The only exemption would be previous experience of 4-6 months in anaesthesia at CT1 level and completion of the Royal College of Anaesthetists Initial Assessment of Competence.

Within your first 3-6 months of starting anaesthetics, you will be expected to have completed an Initial Assessment of Competence.  The certificate can be downloaded from the Royal College of Anaesthetists website.   More details will be given to you by your Educational Supervisor, but it would be advisable to check out the information from the Royal College of Anaesthetists website – www.rcoa.ac.uk.   This document will need to be downloaded onto your e-portfolio.

Certain competencies and assessments are carried out during the New Starter course to help you achieve the Initial Assessment of Competence

Topics covered:

Venue:  Held in various Simulation Centres around the region.

Course Directors:

Sunderland Royal Hospital:   Dr Alex Mann, Consultant Anaesthetist

James Cook University Hospital:  Dr Adrian Gooding, Consultant in Anaesthesia & ICM

Northumbria Healthcare Trust:   Dr Nicki Corbitt, Consultant Anaesthetist,

Royal Victoria Infirmary:   Dr Jeremy Hyams,  Dr Jane DePennington, Consultant Anaesthetists

University of North Durham:   Dr Derek Randles, Consultant Anaesthetist,

Queen Elizabeth Hospital:   Dr David Mayne, Consultant Anaesthetist

Freeman Hospital, Dr Suzy O’Neill, Consultant Anaesthetist

For further information, please email:    Email