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Getting Started With ACCS CT1

ACCS CT1 anaesthetic trainees are under the Acute Specialty Schools and not NSAICM.

Please check out the  ACCS School website http://madeinheene.hee.nhs.uk/acute-care-common-stem/

Many components of the ACCS Curriculum can be completed through the new Lifelong Learning Platform (LLP) which is the new RCOA portfolio. Trainees should therefore register with the RCOA to get access to this even thought their first ACCS year won’t be in Anaesthesia.

Please check out the dedicated ACCS website hosted by the RCoA:   https://www.rcoa.ac.uk/accs

Memberships & Registration

Core trainees can register their training with the Royal College of Anaesthetists

Royal College of Anaesthetists – www.rcoa.ac.uk

The following memberships are recommended considerations to support your training practice:

Medical Defence Union – www.themdu.com
Medical Protection Society – www.medicalprotection.org
Association Of Anaesthetists Of Great Britain and Ireland – www.aagbi.org
British Medical Association – www.bma.org.uk
Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland – www.mddus.com