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Final FRCA Course

The Final FRCA Course is comprised of different aspects of the Exam and is coordinated by various Consultants and Senior Trainees around the Northern Region.   The following comes as a complete package:

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Introduction to the Final FRCA Exam: Exam technique Course

This is a 2 day introduction to the final exam, aimed at maximising your potential to pass by working on exam technique.  You will be invited to attend the first day of the course about 6 months before you plan on sitting the Final FRCA written paper.

It will include:

Day 2 will occur a few weeks prior to the sitting of the written exam.

It will be include:

A full MCQ/SBA paper.

You will be encouraged to participate in the Writers Club and the WhatsApp discussion forum in between these 2 sessions.

Course Coordinators:

Senior Trainees, Northern School of Anaesthesia


Writers Club

The Writers Club runs in 3 week cycles with an estimated 2 hours’ work required for each 3 week block.

There will be 3 tasks during each cycle which includes creating mark schemes for set questions, answering questions under timed conditions and marking other candidates question papers.

Each task has specific learning outcomes which can be found in Guidance for NSAICM Writers Club. The Writers Club requires dedication and commitment but will provide exam question practice and technique.

Course Coordinators:

Senior Trainees, Northern School of Anaesthesia

Written Crammer Course

There are four intensive Crammer days on the 6 core essential units along with general duties and basic science.  These days start at 8:00 am and finish around 5:00 pm.

Programme outline:

Course Coordinators:

Advanced & Senior Trainees, Northern School of Anaesthesia

Final FRCA Written Preparation Day

This will be a full mock timed Written Exam with feedback and results at the end of the day held approx. 1 month before the written part of the Final exam.

Course Directors:

Dr Keith Fordy, Consultant Anaesthetist & College Tutor, Sunderland Royal Hospital

Dr Lynne Waring, Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetist, Royal Victoria Infirmary

Dr Kitty Roberts, Consultant Anaesthetist, Royal Victoria Infirmary

Final FRCA Viva Exam

Under exam conditions, trainees will complete at least a full Clinical & Science VIVA by using recent exam questions supplied by post FRCA trainees.

Clinical long case

Clinical short cases

Science vivas – anatomy, pharmacology, physics and physiology.

There is an expectation is that after success at the Final FRCA, trainees return as Examiners at least twice by way of payback.

Course Directors:

Dr Linda Waddilove, Consultant Anaesthetist, Freeman Hospital

Dr Stephen Robb, Consultant Anaesthetist, Sunderland Royal Hospital



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