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Ethics Course

The Ethics course is aimed at giving trainees an insight into possible ethical issue and legal issues that come up as a consultant.   It follows the topics suggested by the RCOA and is delivered by lectures. The speakers include local consultants who have an interest in the area but also external speakers including local coroners, solicitors and lectures from Newcastle Medical School.

Audience:- It is aimed at those who have passed their Final FRCA but is open to all

Frequency:- It runs once every 2 years

Duration;- one full day

Competencies:- It covers some of the higher non-theatre competencies

Topics:- These include introduction to ethics, end of life care, ethics of teaching, organ donation, paediatric ethics, role of the corner and the mental capacity act and other legal issues.

Venue:- The Freeman hospital


Course Director:

Dr Alastair Duggie, Consultant Anaesthetist, University Hospital of North Durham