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University Hospital of North Durham

North Road, Durham.  DH1 5TW

Website:  https://www.cddft.nhs.uk

Twitter:  @CDDFTNHS

Facebook:   facebook.com/@CDDFT


Anaesthetic Department, Level 2, UHND

Director Telephone:  0191 333 2360

Email address:   d.hardman@nhs.net


University Hospital of North Durham is a medium sized district general hospital with 486 beds covering all the major acute specialities.

Speciality training is available in the following areas:

The department is comprised of  28 consultants (7 ICM consultants), 7 trust grade doctors and between 11 and 14 trainees at any one time.

We can offer:

Intensive Care Medicine training

UHND has a 10 bed combined critical care unit funded for up to 5 ICU and 4 HDU patients at any one time. Day time cover is provided by one of 6 consultants with an interest in Intensive Care Medicine.

During the week there is a second ‘HDU’ consultant in the morning. These sessions are covered between the core ICU consultants and the HDU consultants who provide the out of hours cover.

At weekends there is a consultant specifically on call for ICU for the 24 hour period.

At night, there is a Consultant specifically for ICU

Upon commencement of UHND attachment, trainees receive an ICU specific induction. They also receive a critical care handbook which details the way that the unit runs, gives advice regarding the management of common ICU conditions, details guidelines and protocols and suggests further reading.

Weekly teaching takes place on Wednesday with a programme mapped to the ICM curriculum.

There are opportunities to get involved in a unit based teaching programme with the nursing staff.

The trust has invested in a dedicated simulation based teaching unit, and we will be working on integrating ICM teaching with that.

Other opportunities

We have Consultants interested in ECHO/USS.  The cardiology department has approved FICE mentors

Obstetric Anaesthesia Training


Dr Randles is currently our Trust Lead for simulation training.

Paediatric Anaesthesia

UHND can offer basic and intermediate paediatric blocks. This has been derived by looking at skill requirements as defined in the RCOA curriculum, case mix and numbers. Higher and advanced training is only offered the RVI at present.

Other Specialties

We provide elective general surgery, orthopaedic (including specialist work), plastic surgery (including hypospadias repair), community dental and ENT. Emergency theatre work is largely general surgery, orthopaedics and plastics.

Preoperative Assessment Training

UHND has a well-established Preoperative Assessment (POA) service with all patients undergoing nurse led Preoperative Assessment. High risk patients are referred to the Consultant clinic for formal assessment and risk stratification. In addition, all patients undergoing major abdominal surgery have Cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) as part of the preoperative work up, which helps better plan their perioperative care.

POA Module

Senior trainees doing the Major Surgery module get listed for regular Preoperative Assessment sessions. A typical POA module would include

The informal feedback from trainees completing this module has been very positive. We have had several trainees complete our POA module and move on to Consultant positions with a substantial POA commitment.

Research Opportunities

UHND has a research active anaesthetic department.  We have recruited patients to several perioperative studies from the NIHR portfolio in the last 4 years:

UHND also collaborates on studies initiated within the local network (two studies with James Cook University Hospital):

The major surgery module provides an excellent opportunity to get involved with perioperative research, with many participants recruited through pre assessment clinics prior to major colorectal or vascular surgery. Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training for trainees interested in recruiting patients into portfolio studies can be arranged through our research and innovation department.

Critical appraisal, statistics and research teaching sessions are included in the departmental annual teaching programme.

Trainees interested in fulfilling some of the competencies in the research part of Annex G will be supported in the department with supervision by named research active consultants.