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Trainee Committee

The NSAICM representatives committee has been set up to provide a link between all trainees within the School and the Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine Specialty Training Committees.  Trainee representatives attend the Specialty Training Committee meetings and are able to put across the trainee point of view and raise any concerns.

Trainee representatives are selected according to the HENE policy.  We have representation across all trainee groups – junior and senior trainees, intensive care medicine trainees and less than full time trainees.

The committee is also responsible for organising the twice yearly trainee forum. This provides a meeting for face to face dissemination of valuable information from the members of the Specialty Training Committee to the trainees.

Other key projects that the committee are involved in are links to national bodies and a variety of education and training events.

Contact email:  n2ne.anaesthesia@gmail.com


Past Chair:

Dr Lisa Macbeth – 2019

Dr Lucy Powell – 2018

Dr Cathy Lawson – 2016

Dr Jo Clement/Dr Tom Sams – 2014

Dr Sarah Gibb – 2012