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Key events within the deanery are listed within the calendar. A comprehensive list of events both within the region and national events are listed below

The events can be exported directly onto your iPhone using the export to ICS button. Google calendar users please select the event and select the option export to Gcal

The most recent event items are emailed out in our weekly newsletter. Please subscribe here

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Regional Events

[EcwdViews view=”posterboard” cal_id=”1423″ page_items=”5″ start_date=”2016-10-06″ end_date=”2022-01-02″ current_day=”yes”]

National Events

[EcwdViews view=”posterboard” cal_id=”1424″ page_items=”5″ start_date=”2016-10-06″ end_date=”2020-07-15″ current_day=”yes”]