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The Northern School Of Anaesthesia & Intensive Care Medicine

The NSAICM trains for excellence in Anaesthesia, Intensive Care Medicine & Pain Management. Our Trainees are supported throughout their training across the region by an enthusiastic team including the School Executive Committee, College Tutors, Educational and Clinical Supervisors, as well as dedicated administrative staff. Trainees achieve not only their CCT, but also a mature and experienced approach to their careers and enjoy the diverse beauty of our region in the process

School Executive Committee





nsaicm @nsaicm
RT @RCoANews:🚨Anaesthetists in Training🚨 National recruitment for CT1 & ST3 posts in February 2022. Application window: 27 Jul… https://t.co/Q0NT9u4ZnR
Trainees who are transitioning to @RCoANews Curriculum 2021 should ensure if possible all current CUTs WBA etc are… https://t.co/klUa9YDH81
@nsaicm Trainees who will transition to @RCoANews C2021 should have received an email informing them of this today.… https://t.co/tWQQ4ATOmw






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