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What is mentoring?

There are many definitions, from the very brief ‘a learning relationship’, to ‘helping people to take charge of their own development, release their potential and achieve results that they value’ and ‘helping someone become better at helping themselves’.

What is NEMO?

The north east mentoring organisation is a local group of (mostly) anaesthetists including trainees and consultants. We have all been trained in mentoring and use mentors in our own work and lives

We are based in the north east, and aim to arrange mentoring sessions with someone who either lives or works close to you.

Feedback from mentoring sessions

‘Was a bit stuck and putting off making a decision. My mentor gave me a different way of thinking about the dilemma. I now feel confident I’ve done the right thing. Only wish I’d realised earlier – now I see why successful people use mentors’

‘Helped me guide my own path and work out an action plan on my own’

‘It has helped me pull together all my thoughts about a future career into one coherent plan’

‘I felt empowered to address the challenges I have, particularly by putting a time frame on it’

‘Helped me to decide what direction to take in my training and how I can work towards achieving goals set.’

For more information or to arrange a session:

Email: NEMOmentoring@gmail.com

Follow us on twitter: @NEMOmentoring

Mentoring resources: